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Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Combined Healing & Guidance
The Power of United Energies
(*Online Session Available via Zoom)

I recommend the Combined Healing & Guidance sessions if you are not sure which healing technique would suit you the best or if you are feeling lost and you wish to find the way to discover and rebalance yourself. In my experience combining healing techniques is extremely powerful. You will not only receive healing treatments but you will learn how to stay balanced and grounded.

The sessions includes the following:

  • Chakra measuring to discover the inbalanced areas of your body.

  • Sound Healing with Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls placed on and around your body. This powerful session will cleanse your mind and your whole body from emotional blockages physically and energetically as well.

  • Shamanic Drum Massage for cleansing negative energies and trauma from current life and past lives.

  • Reiki or Chakra Balancing for activating self-healing, rebalancing and recharging your body and mind.

  • EFT Aroma Tapping for re-programming negative belief systems and calming the mind. You will receive a hand poured 100% pure essential oil blend roll-on based on your specific needs.

  • Spiritual Coaching for creating better connection with yourself and others.

After each session, you will receive exercises such as breathwork techniques, affirmations, meditation, yoga poses, suggestions regarding working with crystals, cleansing your home, setting up new goals, etc.

The 90 minutes session includes the consultation, different healing modalities, oracle card reading and exercises.

Combined Healing is part of a healing journey, multiple sessions are recommended for mind-body balance and chronic conditions.

Even one session can make a big difference but

I always recommend the Balance Package - 4 sessions to start with, 1 session/week.

4 sessions are usually enough to revitalize and rebalance yourself and get you started on your healing journey.

For chronic conditions I recommend 8 sessions, 2 sessions/week.

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