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I got in touch with Adrienn, after hearing that Reiki helps when it is used alongside fertility treatment. I looked for Reiki practitioners in my local area and found Luminari Healing. I checked out the website and Facebook page, looked at the reviews and got in contact with Adrienn. She was reassuring, understanding and made me feel at ease. She explained how she would be able to help me and I went ahead and booked the Combined Healing package, with appointments timed around my fertility treatment. When I met Adrienn I found her warm, compassionate and very caring. I had 4, 90 minute sessions leading up to transfer and then booked in for a further 2 sessions following a positive pregnancy test, to take me to an early viability scan. I have never had Reiki before and didn’t know what to expect, but Adrienn explained everything, made me feel really comfortable and very reassured.
This is my 5th transfer over 14 years, I have never been pregnant before and with Adrienn’s help, through the combined healing sessions plus the additional guidance which includes various takeaway practises , she has enabled me to achieve this. Having the support and guidance from Adrienn has also helped me to remain calm, relaxed but most importantly positive throughout the process. I think Adrienn is amazing at what she does and I highly recommend her services for those with fertility challenges and undergoing fertility treatment.

Amanda M.

I contacted Adrienn for support on my healing journey as my anxiety and low mood was preventing me from sleeping at night. I was open to anything so when Adrienn recommend I book the combined healing package I did.
I really feel that throughout our sessions, Adrienn has been able to break through many of my mental blockages. When she was doing reiki on me all I could see was darkness at first, then all of a sudden I could see really bright yellow lights. Adrienn explained this was the removal of blockages.
Since finishing our sessions I am having less intrusive negative thoughts and I have been able to sleep without using medication. I have even been yawning before bedtime which is very new to me!
Adrienn is such a caring and kind soul and is so passionate about helping others.
Thank you so much for your help Adrienn xxx

Freya M.

I didn't know what to expect, but as soon as I walked in, I felt very welcomed and at peace. Adrienn is kind and very professional, very easy to talk to. I really enjoyed my sessions, she guided me to the right path and helped me a lot, thank you ❤

Gita S.

I had my first past life regression session with Adrienn. She took time and skilfully explained the whole process and answered my questions which made me felt held and safe.

I was surprised with the depth of experience I had a opportunity to feel during the session. It was so interesting to experience death and this particular lifetime I went back into. Adrienn made it so easy to access it all.

It was helpful, healing experience and a resource to recall theses past life memories to my consciousness now.

Thank you Adrienn.

Lena L.

I have participated in Online Moon Ritual & Sound Journey, it was fascinating, I'm so grateful to Adri for this opportunity 🙏

Adri is a wonderful person, she is humble and beautiful, calm and harmless, helpful and joyful. Everything she does is permeated by her gorgeous being. She does these healing sessions from the heart with pure intentions.

I warmly recommend her to everyone 🙂

Alexandra T.

I have had the privilege to meet Adrienn whilst co-hosting a day retreat and then receive some Reiki healing combined with Sound therapy. I couldn't recommend Adri enough. Not only is Adri highly skilled and knowledgeable but she is such a caring person. I am feeling incredibly better after only 2 sessions with Adri and I feel so fortunate for having met her on my healing journey.

Renata G.

I was recommended to Adrienn's Reiki Sound Therapy by a friend. She had an amazing way of making me feel comfortable, which allowed me to open up and share my feelings. Thanks to her gentle, compassionate energy, each session is such an enjoyable and beautiful experience. I would recommend it to anyone to try.

Miriam V.

Adrienne is nothing less than a miracle worker, I am also attuned to Reiki so trust me when I say that she is outstanding. With her calm and warm energy she has brought back inner peace and balance in my life. She knew my chakra were not aligned and I had several energetic blockages. We are on session 4 and I'm going to continue every week. Her healing is holistic and she brings a variety of techniques from the Tibetan Reiki that I have been absolutely fascinated with. I wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful soul to anyone, you need Adrienne in your life.

Barbara G.

I really enjoyed our session, relaxing great energy and beautiful sound. I felt so much better after. Thank you. ❤️

Karin W.

After looking into meditation classes to assist with anxiety, I decided to see Adrienn for a Reiki session. She was recommended to me through word of mouth. She is to be commended on the setting for the Reiki sessions and how she makes you feel also through the sessions. It's truly a beautiful and peaceful setting around you and the session is delivered by someone who can make you feel at ease and peace as soon as you enter the room. During the session I did let go of my anxiety, panic and tension I may be feeling at that time. I left the session feeling at peace. Thank you Adrienn

Clara B.

I was so happy with the treatment I received from Adrienn. She was kind and caring and gave me a detailed assessment before giving the treatment so that she knew the reason I had come for. The session she gave me focusing on past life regression really hit the areas that I was hoping that it would and I would highly recommend. I will definitely be going back for many more treatments.

Maria K.

Adrienn is a beautiful soul and her treatments are wonderful. Her peaceful and caring nature is simply a pleasure to be around. Thank you Adrienn for helping me on my journey to inner calm and awareness.

Bridget R.

Highly recommend this amazing experience. Trusting Adrienn’s work opened important unknown avenues I had no awareness of. Apart from that I learned how to deal with my triggers. ❤️

Andrea G.

Adrienn is absolutetly fantastic!!! Her sessions have really helped me to heal my inner self and the being in tune and more balanced. Feel all refreshed after completing my course.
I would very strongly recommend her and her skills 😁 She explained everything in detail and went through the process and what to expect.

Astrid S.

I found Adrienn on Google. I was pleasure meeting her. The place was cosy and felt just like being at home. She truly listened to my concern so that she could advise the best therapy for me. I went for spine balancing. I clearly feel that the pain is less severe just after one session. I will definitely go and see her again.

Arrosha T.

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