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Online Moon Ritual & Sound Journey

Join us every other week at New Moon and Full Moon via Zoom to let go, manifest and gather the Moon energies. Together we are stronger :)

The online journey includes the following:

Mantra/Chakra/Shakti Dance (a free dance with chanting, mudras and shakti energies)

Letting go, Manifesting and Affirmations

Breathwork techniques


Sound Healing Journey


Full Moon in Aries -  9th October (Sunday)

New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio -  25th October (Tuesday)

Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus - 8th November (Tuesday)

New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius - 23rd November (Wednesday)

Full Moon in Gemini - 8th December (Thursday)

Super New Moon in Capricorn - 22nd December (Thursday)

7.30 PM PST

You will learn how to work with the New and Full Moon energies. You will receive powerful tools to manifest your desires and to let go that no longer serves you. You will be able to use these methods during your everyday lives.

We will start with a gentle free dance where you will be able to let go of all the tension in your body that built up during the week. I'll share a mantra with you in advance that you can chant during dancing or you can simply listen to it.

After dancing with the powerful mantra we will let go, manifest and create an affirmation to support us in the following couple of weeks.

We will practice a Breathwork technique to calm the mind and bring the focus inside.

Then I'll guide you to a deep relaxed state of consciousness through a short Meditation.

And at last but not least, you will be able to fully enjoy a 45 minutes Sound Journey where the deep healing and integration happens.

In case you can't attend, a recording of the session will be available to rewatch.

If you feel that this is calling you, please don't hesitate to contact me and sign up.

You can sign up for a monthly subscription for £20 which includes a New and a Full Moon Ritual & Sound Journey.

Also you can drop in from time to time for a single healing ritual for £11 if you don't wish to sign up.

Invite a friend and get a £5 Voucher which you can use for any of my services.

Get 50 % OFF your first purchase. Simply use the following code: FIRSTMOON50
(I also accept payments through PayPal and Bank Transfer.)

Once you've signed up, you will receive and email with the instructions and the link for the event.

(20% off is available for students, low wage earners and those who have learning and physical disabilities.)

If you would like to join us but you can't afford it at the moment please feel free to contact me and we will find a solution.