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Online Moon Ritual & Sound Journey

Join me every other week at New Moon and Full Moon on my Youtube channel to heal, let go, manifest and gather the Moon energies.

You can gather the energies of the New and Full Moon 2 days before and after the peak. I will upload the video of the ritual before the peak so you will have more  options in case you aren't available on the day of the peak.

Dates and times of the New and Full Moons' peak in 2023


Super New Moon in Aquarius - 21st January, Saturday 20:53

Full Moon in Leo - 5th February, Sunday 18:28

Super New Moon in Pisces - 20th February, Monday 07:05

Full Moon in Virgo - 7th March, Tuesday 12:40

New Moon in Aries - 21st March, Tuesday 17:23

Full Moon in Libra - 6th April, Thursday 05:34

New Moon Eclipse in Aries - 20th April, Thursday 05:12

Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio - 5th May, Friday 18:34

Black New Moon in Taurus - 19th May, Friday 16:53

Full Moon in Sagittarius - 4th June, Sunday 04:41

New Moon in Gemini - 18th June, Sunday 05:37

Full Moon in Capricorn - 3rd July, Monday 12:38

New Moon in Cancer - 17th July, Monday 19:31

Super Full Moon in Aquarius - 1st August, Tuesday 19:31

New Moon in Leo - 16th August, Wednesday 10:38

Blue Super Full Moon in Pisces - 31st August, Thursday 02:35

New Moon in Virgo - 15th September, Friday 02:39

Full Moon in Aries - 29th September, Friday 10:57

New Moon Eclipse in Libra - 14th October, Saturday 18:55

Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus - 28th October, Saturday 21:24

New Moon in Scorpio - 13th November, Monday 09:27

Full Moon in Gemini - 27th November, Monday 09:16

New Moon in Sagittarius - 12th December, Tuesday 23:32

Full Moon in Cancer - 27th December, Wednesday 00:33

The online journey includes the following:

Mantras and Mudras

Breathwork techniques

New Moon / Full Moon ceremony

Letting go, Manifesting and Affirmations

Sound Healing

You will learn how to work with the New and Full Moon energies. You will receive powerful tools to manifest your desires and to let go that no longer serves you. You will be able to use these methods during your everyday lives.


I'll share all the important information you need to know about the Full/New Moon.

We will start with chanting a powerful mantra, using different mudras and breathwork techniques to calm the mind and bring the focus inside. We will let go, manifest and create affirmations to support us in reaching our goals and desires.

Then you will be able to enjoy a Sound Healing Journey where the deep healing and integration happens.

If you feel that this is calling you, please don't hesitate to join.

My Moon Rituals are free and available on my Youtube channel.

If you would like to support my work it would be muchly appreciated. I accept donations via Card and Paypal.

Thank you so much for your support.

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