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Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Reiki & Sound Healing
The Power of Vibration

Everything in this world is made of energy and has a vibrational frequency. So what does it really mean to "raise your vibration"? Each of us possess our own unique energy field which is not static and can be manipulated and guided into form. Energy is constantly moving throughout our physical bodies and electromagnetic field, vibrating at varying speeds and emitting diverse frequencies, which transmit messages and information.

With our five senses we are able to perceive a small fraction of the vibrations from the energetic makeup of all things, which we perceive as sound, color, smell, etc. The vibration or frequency of each unique being determines the sensitivity or level of perception and understanding they will be able to gather from “reading” the vibration or frequency of one another.

Absorbing positive vibrations through consuming light, nutrient-rich food and plenty of water, practicing yoga, proper breathing and meditation, healing through reiki, chakra balancing, crystals, plants, sound, laughter and having fun etc., will create an incredibly positive response in your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Starting the session with Sound Healing not only creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere, but it places the mind into a deeper relaxed state making your body and mind more open and receptive for the healing frequencies of Reiki. This creates a stronger bond between the mind and body, which increases the speed and effects of self healing.

The journey:

Reiki is part of a healing journey, multiple sessions are recommended for mind-body balance and chronic conditions.

90 minutes Reiki session with Sound Therapy which includes the consultation, a 25-30 minutes sound bath to be able to release all the tension in the body and calm the mind and a 45 mins Reiki treatment.

I always recommend 4 sessions to start with, 1 session/week.

For chronic conditions I recommend 8 sessions, 2 sessions/week.

The first 4 sessions are full body treatments channelling Reiki energy through the meridian points of the body, a gentle detox process to release emotional blockages. From the 5th session the focus is spending more time on the problematic area of the body using Reiki symbols to assist the self healing process.

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